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Black Friday

We have a special Black Friday offer on our arena maintenance equipment.

Martin Collins Enterprises will be joining the Black Friday hype by offering a never seen before 10% discount on Arena Masters and Tow Masters when ordered on Friday, 23rd November.

With changeable weather conditions you can now make sure your arena is well groomed with savings of up to £406!

The Martin Collins equine arena maintenance equipment is specifically designed for the maintenance synthetic surfaces. They keep them level, groomed and evenly compacted to ensure optimum performance and extended life span.

Tow Master - This is an entry level, lightweight maintenance machine designed for towing by a quad bike. It is available in varying widths to match your requirements and budget. Ideal for the private or small livery yard or for big establishments looking to groom surfaces quickly between classes.

Arena Master Deluxe – This heavyweight, large machine is a real work horse for multiple arenas, competition venues and busy yards. Designed to be towed behind a tractor it is mounted on a three point linkage with fully adjustable tines. Featuring front and rear crumbler rollers to maximise stability and keep the machine level at all times. The rear double rollers provide additional compaction.

Arena Master Supreme Plus – Has two crumbler rollers; one at the front and one at the back. Ideal for competition venues, private yards and riding schools.

So if you want to ensure your arena is well groomed then order your Martin Collins Arena Master or Tow Master on Black Friday and save yourself £££’s while also saving your horse’s legs!

Savings from £183.50 for the 1.5m Tow Master with its Black Friday price of £1,651.50 up to a whopping saving of £406 for the 2.5m Arena Master Deluxe with a Black Friday price of £3,654.00.

Only on orders placed between 9am-5pm on 23rd November 2018


For more information about this offer and Martin Collins Enterprises call 01488 71100


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