Cost effective performance fibre to improve existing sand based surfaces

CLOPF® fibre provides root structure, similar to grass roots in turf, to existing or new sand based riding surfaces. 

CLOPF® improves the surface stability, therefore the horse will work 'on top' of the surface rather than 'through' it.  

If the surface contains PVC or rubber, less CLOPF® fibre will be required than for a plain sand surface.

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The international performance surface for private installations and show venues

Fibretrack is a competition quality surface best suited to those who can undertake regular watering. It is used at private yards, riding schools and international events worldwide. 

The blend of our proven CLOPF® Fibre and high grade silica sand provide safe stability, excellent energy return and independent laboratories confirm Fibretrack environmentally friendly.

Be it for Show Jumping, Dressage, Driving, Volting or even Horse Ball, Fibretrack is an economical partner for all disciplines.

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Waxed competition surfaces for professional riders and events/show venues

Ecotrack, the international competition surface, is a combination of  CLOPF® fibre, high-grade industrial silica sand and PVC, which is carefully weighed and blended with a wax coating.  

Suitable for the demanding professional role in the equestrian world, it has been successfully installed for the racing fraternity, in lunge pens, RDA centres, show jumping, polo and dressage establishments.

There are different variants of Ecotrack suitable for different disciplines.

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Ecotrack Brochure